NAWIC Scholarships

In additional to the national scholarship fund offered by NFSF, Austin NAWIC is proud to offer local scholarship opportunities to students pursuing a career in construction.

NAWIC Scholarships is offering a total of 5 scholarships for the 2020-2021 Academic year
and 6 scholarships for Trade programs to be awarded for 2020

  • Once again I want to express my gratitude to the National Association of Women In
    Construction for the scholarship I was awarded. I had been going through
    personal challenges both emotionally and financially, and I was able to focus
    more on school, and developing my skills in the electrical field.

    A woman’s place is exactly where she wants to be. We have the capability
    of achieving our goals as hard as they may be.

    With a positive attitude, tools in hand, hard work and discipline I try to make
    a difference every day.

    I truly love my job!

    Linda Natal-Murphree

    IBEW 520 - 3rd year Apprentice
  • Receiving the NAWIC scholarship has been such a big help. The financial help gave me the opportunity to pursue higher education. I am about to enter my senior year at Texas State University and it wouldn’t have been possible without this support.

    Crystal Guido

    Crockett HS Construction Technology Graduate
    Junior, Texas State University
    Construction Science Major
  • Winning the NAWIC Scholarship last year was a breakthrough for me. I don’t know how I would of been able to start the school year without NAWIC Austin!

    Eliza Zapata

    1st Year Electrician Apprentice, IBEW Local 72


  • $ 1,000 Scholarship

  • $ 1,000 Scholarship

  • $ 1,000 Scholarship

  • $ 1,000 Scholarship

  • $ 1,000 Scholarship

  • $ 1,000 Scholarship


  • $ 5,000 Scholarship

  • $ 2,500 Scholarship

  • $ 2,000 Scholarship

  • $ 1,500 Scholarship

  • $ 1,000 Scholarship

Woman on Construction Site